Fearless author of science fiction romance

I'm an up and coming author of science fiction romance—and by "up and coming" I mean my first novella will be published in late 2013.

So let me tell you about me: I like books. I like urban fantasy, science fiction, romance, erotic romance, and random-ass nonfiction. I like reading them, and I like buying them and forgetting to read them.

I also like writing. I love romance for the mystery of how two quirky people are going to fit together—it's like Tetris for weird personalities. I love science fiction because it makes an awesome cradle for the most amazing sorts of breathtaking, complicated, adventurous stories. And I love erotic romance because, you know... sex.

You can learn more about me here, you can head to Twitter (if that's your thing) and follow @renae_jones, or you can email me at renae@renaejones.net.