Renae Jones

Hiya. This website keeps it brief, because pontificating is too much damn work.

I'm a slow-writing author of romance with a refreshing sci-fi aftertaste. I write lesbian and straight couples, so far. My specialties (so I've heard) are hot sex, distinctive characters, rich worlds, and old-fashioned character angst.

My two books (well, novellas):

Hellcat's Bounty, the first book in the Rosewood world. It's a lesbian romance, novella length, with a big helping of space western: carnivorous blobs, a dusty space station, and angry, undereducated asteroid miners.

Taste of Passion, the tale of a former courtesan finding a new life.

Status: Fall 2014

I'm drafting on the sequal to Hellcat's Bounty. It's another lesbian romance, this time a bit longer and again set on Rosewood space station. I'm also looking into possibly publishing a short story I have lying around.

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