Renae Jones: 3rd Person Bio Edition

Renae Jones is driven by an epic, multipart goal:

  1. Invent the most fascinating characters she can.
  2. Fit those characters together like we're playing romance-genre Tetris.
  3. Put those characters in an amazing, breathtaking science fiction setting.
  4. And follow them through a complicated adventure of near-death experiences and self-discovery.

Bonus points if those characters are quirky, weird, cranky, neurotic, sassy or have anger management issues. Let's face it—when a character is already perfect, giving them a happy ending isn't much of a challenge, is it?

Renae loves a challenge. She also loves her dog, over-ambitious home improvement projects, dying her hair, humble bragging, data analytics, and her home state of Ohio. Sometimes. Okay, her relationship with Ohio is complicated.

Contact Renae

Want to play along at home? Find Renae Jones on Twitter at @renae_jones. And if you need to contact her, email to is the best bet.