Oakland Arcana: Awakening

Oakland Arcana: Awakening

Release details

  • Series: Oakland Arcana
  • Length: Novel (145k words)
  • Release date: TBA, September 2017
  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Formats: Ebook, Print


The world is complicated. Power is currency, lives are cheap.

Hephzibah Euphrasia Joséphine d'Albret hates her name. She hates the life she comes from, the fourth daughter of a legendary family—and, perilously, the one with negligible magical potential. And that suits her fine. Fleeing the Authority allows her to choose her own path: software engineer and startup founder. Finally, Zizi’s found a life she loves. One that doesn’t care about the magic she doesn’t have.

A sleeping city festers…

Zizi never wants her life to change. She loves her job, loves her freedom, loves her city, whatever its problems… and Oakland has problems. Mythological creatures are loose in the streets, predators and monsters feed recklessly. Criminals are bolder, disasters more frequent. Protected humans are coming up drained of blood—and if the Authority gets irritated enough, it’ll be her vampire best friend they kill for it.

…and calls for a leader to rise again.

Her city needs a real Sorceress, a powerful caretaker…not a low-magic nerd that refuses to play by the bureaucracy’s deadly rules. Unfortunately for her, Zizi is all Oakland has. With misfit allies and lethal enemies around every corner, an encyclopedic understanding of magic theory, and serious amounts of snark, can this Sorceress possibly survive the summer?



I'm still working on edits! Expect this book live sometime in September.


Oakland skyline photo by Jeff Fan on Unsplash